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World of Wounds Zack Lehtinen

World of Wounds

Zack Lehtinen

Published November 15th 2013
ISBN : 9781484970867
400 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Five Journeys:Carl, comfortable and ruthless atop the corporate pyramid, faces the collapse of that success and his own unsustainable addictions.Saraya, a young woman raised in a self-sufficient intentional community in the high Sonoran Desert, has reached the age when she needs to discover and carve-out her own life-path. She must leave the safety, support and the large extended famIly she has known.Brett, a young Kansan farmer engaged to his high school sweetheart, has his world turned upside-down by an unanticipated, massive tornado-- in December, months away from usual tornado season.Dr. Isabel Craine, PhD, world-renowned expert in marine sciences, has been clanging the alarm bells about the momentous, dire effects of pollution and climate chaos on the oceans and planet for years, and is reaching a breaking point of desperation and depression that nothing is changing or slowing humanitys headlong plunge toward self- and world-destruction...Meanwhile, a young woman of college-age who has refused the call to university (though her self-education enjoys great momentum) has just completed a Vision Quest, and returns with insights and a Vision for gathering and harnessing the energies of those ready to live-into a new, necessary world and lifestyle profoundly less-destructive and more in-harmony with the miraculous privilege of existence on this only planet we know.World of WoundsA Novel by Zack Lehtinen