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The Categories James Stirling

The Categories

James Stirling

Published August 25th 2008
ISBN : 9781443708081
164 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

THE CATEGORIES - BY JAMES HUTCHISON STIRLING - 1903 - PREFACE - ASSURING it to be seen from elsewhere that to reason is to proceed from something before us, to some other something not then before us, through what in same way is a thread of identity assuming frather that to found and ground reasoning as reasoning there is required a principle, a single principle, that, of itself self-certain, ia in want of not another beyond it Such principle, evidently, must, as conditioning progress from identity to difference, be in itself at once both such that it is at once identity and difference-wch that its differance is at the same time its identity, and its identity at the same time its difference-such that from its identity it is that you pass to its difference, and not less back again from its diflerence to its identity. There is only one existence one actually..............