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Tåpenes sammensvergelse John Kennedy Toole

Tåpenes sammensvergelse

John Kennedy Toole

Published 2004
ISBN : 9788210049613
341 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

One fine morning Fortuna spun my wheel of luck and put me on a flight to NYC. The person who was sitting next to me, refusing to indulge in modern day perversities like movies, pulled out his book and sat down reading. He must have been enjoying it immensely, because he kept laughing out loud every now and then. Soon he realized that some people had started turning around to give him weird looks. Poor guy didnt have an option but to put the book down. But Fortuna being the degenerate wanton that she can sometimes be, was in a mood to play a cruel joke on him. Even after he had put the book down, he couldnt help suddenly bursting out into laughter. More stares. More embarrassment.That was when I noticed that the book he had been reading was A Confederacy of Dunces. Having read it only a week earlier, I could understand that he wasnt a nutcase.(To those who havent read this book yet):-WARNING: A Confederacy of Dunces is extremely hilarious and is known to have caused uncontrollable laughter in several cases. Read it in public at your own risk!